I love getting my hands dirty

For the ones I heard that are kind of ‘sceptic’ about my electrician skills.

I tell you one thing.

I live for learning

Every second is for me an opportunity for improving, mastering anything that is possible.

I play instruments, write, do martial arts, do carpentry… Name something and I’ll certainly would like to know something more about it ( if is challenging, of course ) Simple and superficial things amuse me for the only purpose of being faster and better in it.

So, I’ll tell you with a picture.

I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty.


As you can see I’ve got a black finger nail ( I had another that went away 2 weeks ago ), I almost chopped my left forefinger with an hand grinder cutting iron, I’ve got glue that I used for some led bars I just installed.

When you’ll be as curious and active as me, please contact me, we will have lots to chat ;)