The irrationals strikes again

Today was general strike day in Italy.

The kindergarten stroked, but they said that at 10:30 the strikes would be ended. I had my son for the morning, I worked with him on my arms and put him to sleep when he wanted (around 10:15). Then he woke up at 11 and I carried him to the kindergarten.

When I arrived I received this welcome

...we are not a nursery. 
The time we had to enter was from 10:30 to 10:45 and that was a concession because of the strike. 
Is not educative for the children to arrive at any hour...

Correct, I said.

But is it educative to strike and show them that your only interest is yours?

The response:

   Striking is our right as working man


Then I just said that I don’t think this is educative, but that wasn’t the time and the place to discuss about it.

BUT this is the time and the place.


The strike manifesto was:

Contro il divario salariale, la violenza fisica, economica e istituzionale sulle donne e di genere e i continui attacchi al diritto all'aborto ...


Against the difference in salary, the physical, economical, institutional violence on women and attack on abortion right...

So, applied at the context of a kindergarten, you are doing violence on parents (I’m a father, but mostly on mothers [So women]) doing the strikes, making mothers not able to work. So you are basically doing it wrong!!!

You always have to do things based on context, all decisions made by the book can be dramatically stupid and wrong.

I am personally against any kind of strike. I love the ‘white strike’ system, when you go to work, you are not paid and you manifest your dissent on a fact. Loyal and respectful.

What do you think? We can discuss that on telegram. I’m @baldarn