The renovation odyssey

1 year ago I started a renovation of a house with my wife.

I didn’t know what I was going into. I just felt we needed to do that, based on the opportunities that occurred:

  • Giulio was born, so we needed more space
  • My dad died leaving me an heritage
  • My wife grandmother died, leaving my mother in law and her brother with a spare house
  • Superbonus occurred

So, my wife and I decided to take a loan, buy grandma house and restore that using superbonus.

I decided to build the electrical system of the house. I’m a graduated software engineer and this technically allows me to design residential electrical system. I’m also a huge fan of home automation and I wanted the house to be perfectly designed for home automation systems.

lessons learned

Don’t trust, check everything.

People doesn’t care, they just care for the minimal acceptable results. Nothing more. You have to take full responsibility for the coordination of the works.

A worker said

Usually on works like this the owner comes once in a while and they can't check for all tags work done. So, at the end, finding lots of errors he can't argue and we just make a discount for the 'inconvenience'

Hearing to this works made me furious.

We live on different planets

I said

So, remember, CHECK DAILY, don’t trust, check again.