Thinking about validation

Today I spoke with zero cento studio about a collaboration for staring a project.

They rightly pointed out that is better to validate the idea before starting working.

I totally agree.

So I started questioning myself…

Why do I want to start this project?

Is for the money?

Is for the fame?

Then I realized…

Is for having fun and help others!

How can a work done for pleasure and for others fail?

In a way, it cant!

Because, even if the project doesn’t become massively used, I would have enjoyed doing it and my purposes are not betrayed!

You could argue:

You are too early in the process of working on an idea that is not jet needed.

The thing you are doing is useless!

But I don’t care.

Do you really want to be driven by populist ideas? Or you want to contribute by giving what you know is better for yourself and others?

What do you think of this approach?

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