What would you do ...

Today I will try to draw an image of power, using money metaphor.

I’ll make you a series of questions and also give you my responses.

What would you do with 1 dollar?

  • I would buy a coffee :)

What would you do with 1 thousand dollar?

  • I would start donating 20 dollars to a charity I believe in
  • I would buy a new mobile phone, if needed

And all the things before…

What would you do with 1 million dollar?

  • I would found a no profit I believe in (one for education of children)
  • I would buy a house 0 impact for the environment

And all the things before…

What would you do with 1 billion dollar?

  • I would use the money to coordinate lots of no profit to achieve their goals
  • I would build a house complex based on communitarianism (alert, is not communism ;) )

And all the things before…

What would you do with 1 trillion dollar?

  • I would organize a no profit system to achieve a better coordination between no profits and states, helping the cooperation between the two
  • I would contribute to the construction of social services buildings, as schools, hospitals, sport centers

And all the things before…

What would you do with all the dollar available? (looks like around 50 trillion at this time)

  • I would focus all the attention to a educational system that would help preventing nonconstructive behaviors
  • I would close all weapon fabrication and military worldwide
  • I would ban every form of privacy, (that is the cost for a no-weapon world, sorry) focusing on the communitarianism direction of mankind

And all the things before…

The thing I would point out is that we MUST go to an clear direction, with lots or little power.

Another thing that I could ask is:

What would you do if all that you have to live is 1 year?

These are important questions that must be kept in account every day, to help you focus and don’t loose the chosen direction.

Of course you can change direction, but you must have solid reasons to do so.

This is why I use the public resolutions to keep track of my resolutions for the year and every year see what happened. I suggest you start to do that too!