Yet another hackathon

Today is finished the Bitrock Hackathon. I decided to participate because I really like hackathons and the topic was interesting:

How to enhance the coworkers human relationship in a virtual world!

This is really something that I’m thinking about since I started working remotely. The absence of the physical presence is something that really makes me think.

I tried since the beginning of my remote experiences to propose activities to enhance the sociality (like the WakeUpDevs) or calling for a coffee breach, but never found a clear solution

We formed a team, the 42monkeys and we started to play!

We decided that the world didn’t need another social network platform neither another tool to install on your phone or opened in another tab of your browser.

Why not leverage the existing communication platforms for this intent? Why don’t write a bot that helps coworkers to socialize?


The bot is here. Is really a prototype, but something is working!

Here is the repo and here a video requested for the competition. We really enjoyed doing that ;)

If you want to contribute, everything is open source and I would love to have your opinions and PR!

The application is online here